Graphic Designing?

What is Graphic Designing? About Vector Graphic

Graphic Designing refers to the development and use of visual aids, like images and videos, to communicate a message or present an idea. Visual content can be very attention-grabbing and effective as opposed to written content. Graphic designers use page layout techniques and principles of visual hierarchy combined with typography and pictures to create graphical representation for anything from an ad campaign to a public service message.

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, and that is exactly what graphic designers wish to achieve. Graphic designing is the perfect mix of art and problem-solving. Not only do the graphics produced need to be aesthetically pleasing, but they should also be practical. Marketing and promotion, in particular, use graphic designing to get the attention of the target market. Many times perfectly good products can go ignored due to poor promotion and a lack of aesthetically pleasing graphics. Websites also need the services of a graphic designer to provide the best browsing experience for its users.

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Major Course Contents
Graphic Designing Professional (GDP)

This course is designed in this way that the students who even do not know anything about Graphic Designing will also be able to fully understand the entire course. Thus starting from scratch, we will start with “Graphic Designing” and "What is the difference between Vector Graphics and Bitmap Graphics" then we will cover all the software and will equip the student to advance level of Graphic Designing.

This is a comprehensive project based training which enables the student to independently perform Graphic Designing on the commercial projects. This course is of practical nature, where the trainer covers each and every aspect step by step along with students, in a practical way. The course is rigorous in nature with a great deal of assignments for the students. Assignments are thoroughly checked by the trainer in the subsequent classes. Individual attention is given to each and every student.

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  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CorelDraw
  • Using Urdu and Other Languages in Graphics
  • Illustrations and Drawings
  • Logo Designing
  • Billboards and Hoardings Designing
  • Brochures & Pamphlets Designing
  • Company Profiles Designing
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  • Book & Copy Titles Designing
  • Photo Editing
  • Youtube Thumbnail Designing
  • Social Media Creatives Designing
  • Mobile App Designing
  • Mockups and Wireframes Designing
  • Scalable Vector Graphics
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Our Teaching Methodology
The Way We Teach

Life is becoming so busy day by day that everybody wants to save time and spend every minute in doing some constructive work. For the convenience of our students we are offering Live Online Classes® (LOC®) that the students can attend from anywhere around the world. They can sit in the comfort of their home or office and can connect with us to join the class. No hassle of commuting from one place to another. Saves a lot of time and effort.

At ITHeight Live Online Classes® are taught by a Live Instructor. The paraphernalia is similar to a physical class. A live instructor interacts with the students, delivers the lecture, has one on one communication with each and every student. Students ask questions and the instructor on the spot, addresses them. All the students are kept actively engaged and involved during the classes.

Significance of the Training
What do you Get After the Training

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Start Services Business

Start your own services business and establish your brand worldwide

Increase your Earnings

Be your own boss, work at your liberty as an entrepreneur and earn beyond limits

Work as Freelancer

Kick-start your own business as a freelancer and start earning from home

Expand Marketability

Become a competitive professional and work on projects with excellence

Get a Lucrative Job

Makes you stand out in the crowd and gain preference in the job selection

Career Growth

Grow your career at an astounding rate, and rise rapidly in the ranks

About Participants

Who Should Attend
All and Sundry, in Quest of New Skills

Business Owners

To expand your business beyond boundaries


To learn latest techniques and industry standards


To upgrade skills and grab more projects online


To add cross-disciplinary skills to your profession


To explore new horizons and get hired


To learn professional practices and skills

Knowledge Aspirants

To discover and nurture your quest for knowledge

Profession Shift

To shift into another in demand profession


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Graphic Designing Course in Pakistan

Graphic Designing Course in Pakistan
Complete Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW

Pakistan is in flux. The country is fast developing and getting on board the digital wave sweeping every aspect of life globally. The spread of cellular technology, as well as that of other forms of media, radio, and television have opened gateways to new possibilities. At its core, Pakistan is still an agriculture-based economy, but that all seems to be changing at breakneck speed. Take graphic designing as an example, the field has gained an immense amount of traction over a short period of time. The increased demand for graphic designers in Pakistan is indicative of a larger change in the society. More and more Pakistanis are consuming digital media. They watch TV and browse social media websites. In fact, the need for graphic designing transcends digital media. Newspapers, magazines, and even books are being made using graphical designs.

Graphic Designers are trained at using various designing programs, like Photoshop, to make graphics. They need to be mindful of many different things, like the color scheme, the balance, the flow, the patterns, the typography of the visual they make for maximum impact. So part of the training is to do with the artistic aspect along with the technical aspect of the job.

There is a significant shortage of graphic designers — the need exceeds the supply. To meet the ever-increasing demand for graphic designers, training centers have been set-up. Graphic designer training centers in Pakistan provide applicants with the tools and knowledge to sharpen their aesthetic sense and provide them the ability to translate the design in their head onto a digital format so it can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

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Enhance your professional skills in shortest duration

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Premier name in training for professional courses

Rich Course Content

Course based on internationally recognized sources

Most Competent Trainers

Learn from top professional trainers

Affordable Fee

Best training provided at a highly discounted fee

Spontaneous Q.A.

Question and Answers to augment comprehension

Lab Assistance

Hands-on experience to encourage practical learning

Best in Town

Certified place for acquiring training in multiple fields

Your Success Guaranteed

Teaching methods pave the way to success

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Introduction of the Trainer

About Graphic Designing Trainer in Pakistan

When it comes to teaching, Mr. Shahid Naseer is in a league of his own. He holds a master’s degree in Software Project Management from Pakistan’s renowned university, FAST National University. He is an excellent teacher and has trained thousands of students over the course of 19 years since he first started teaching.

Mr. Shahid is one of the very few trainers in Pakistan who provides training in PMP (Project Management Professional) and over 500 students have taken the official certification exam under his guidance to forward their career. He is also famous for his Digital Marketing trainings, which train students in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Management) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques.

Aside from PMP and Digital Marketing, Mr. Shahid is also a specialist in various programming languages and platforms. He has developed cutting edge techniques and innovative ways to teach his students, like the use of the 3-tier architecture and design patterns to study software quality assurance, object-oriented analysis, and design, as well as WordPress, PHP and Microsoft .net. Providing hands-on practical experience, along with theoretical concepts, means that his students are able to comprehend fully, whichever course they are undertaking. Mr. Shahid holds his training session at ITHeight. He is also a visiting faculty member at Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT).

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Mr. Shahid Naseer

Chief Trainer
Training Center

Attributes of the Best Training Center

With the growing need of IT professionals in Pakistan, new IT institutes are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the country. Generally, these institutes, lack in the excellence of trainers. The trainers are either not very well qualified or they lack the professional experience. ITHeight is committed to provide excellent training in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad across Pakistan. The instructors are chosen with care; to be an instructor at ITHeight one must be very well qualified both academically and must have a load of work experience in the areas of their training.

As much as a good trainer is important for the students, equally important is the need of a good conducive learning environment.

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Training from ITHeight promises a bright future in the industry. ITHeight graduates are warmly welcomed in national and international markets. Our successful graduates are obtaining and maintaining high positions in both national and multinational companies worldwide.

Students are either doing jobs in Pakistan or abroad, or have started earning from home as being Freelancer. Various students with leadership skills have started their own service providing companies, after getting the training. As being “your learning partner”, success of ITHeight lies in the success of it’s students.

Iqbal Abbasi Testimonial
Iqbal Abbasi

While browsing through different websites for a PMP trainer in Pakistan, I came across different names, however, I contacted Sir Shahid for more details, I was so inspired by his honest explanation, guidance and response to my queries that I didn't make an attempt to call someone else.I finally chose ITHeight for PMP training and this was because of Sir Shahid's belief in me that I took the exams and cleared it in the first go.I highly recommend ITHeight to everyone who is looking for PMP certification.What are you searching for,give it a go!!!

Hamzah Riaz PMP Testimonial
Hamzah Riaz PMP

I am a certified PMP - Project Management Professional. I gained the required 35+ contact hours from ITHeight under Mr. Shahid Naseer for PMP certification. ITHeight is a highly professional training institute. I am witness to the high quality training and highly recommend it.

Rizwan Liaqat Testimonial
Rizwan Liaqat

I passed Project Management Professional exam in the first attempt!! This is a tough exam of 4 hours consisting of 200 questions.Training at IT Height helped me learn PMP concepts in a simple and practical way. Moreover support after training at every step of PMP application and practical tips regarding exam helped me a lot. I strongly recommend IT Height for preparation of PMP exam. Rizwan Liaqat, PMP® #1959046

Javad Mehmood Testimonial
Javad Mehmood

I passed my PMP exam!!!! Thanks ITHeight. It was really a tough exam but the training provided by ITHeight helped me to give out my best shot. I am impressed by the way we were trained. Excellent teaching methodology made me pass the exam in the first attempt. It was structured perfectly, flowed perfectly. The instructor was very professional and handled our rowdy group very politically. For all serious PMP aspirants, I would highly recommend ITHeight for PMP training.