Digital Marketing Course Lahore

Best Digital Marketing Course Lahore

Digital Marketing Course in Lahore is a must-have training in new millennium. There is no denying the fact that joblessness has wrecked the nerves of the youth of Pakistan. Employment opportunities are higher for the people having good technical skills. Marketing is the backbone of every organization in Lahore but even students of Business Administration lack the skills of digital Marketing. Business opportunities after Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) are changed. Now is the era of e-commerce. Companies in Pakistan are shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Skilled digital marketers are in demand. Companies in Pakistan are hiring hundreds to work from home. Gone are the days of traditional marketing. This is the era of digital marketing. If you are skilled in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, SMS Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing, you must be confident that thousands of digital marketing agencies, e-businesses, small and medium enterprises, media platforms, and searching you! ITHeight - the training institute, Digital Marketing Course in Lahore is designed to train students in all areas of digital marketing. The common characteristics of developing countries like Pakistan proves that students, entrepreneurs, startups, business owners, fresh graduates, higher management, media professionals, sales & marketing executives, even the part timers and housewives are concerned about their own futures through education. Do not waste your time. Learn digital marketing skills in Pakistan to ensure your super bright career in any organization in Lahore.

ITHeight also offers a other wide range of professional training courses in Pakistan to successfully prepare all students to achieve their future endevours. Professional courses are designed to get a job in a reputed organization in Lahore right after the training.

We strive to be the best digital marketing training institute in Lahore Pakistan providing education and training to earn a livelihood. We enhance knowledge and skills, make the students familiar with the practical world and automate the business workflows in the best manner. Join Digital Marketing Course to beat the competition and earn profits online. Professional digital marketing course covers a complete range of required online marketing skills and marketing strategies to independently render online marketing services to small and medium enterprises of Pakistan.

ITHeight has introduced Digital Marketing course in Lahore with the vision of serving gifted and talented students in a way beyond brilliance. In the business world, online marketing courses not only develop strong competition in the market but also boost the power of online sales. The certified digital marketing course makes you aware about the most effective internet marketing strategies and techniques to promote your business globally.

Get Digital Marketing course in Lahore, Multan, Islamabad covering internet marketing using LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

Globally, Digital Marketing Courses covers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also known as Pay per Click (PPC), Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Web Development. We cover Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) in depth. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also offered as a separate course at ITHeight Lahore. We have a long list of successful SEO candidates who has established their SEO business after right after the completion of SEO Training in Lahore from ITHeight. Once you are in ITHeight, you will be in safe hands!

digital marketing course lahore
social meda training in lahore
Social Media Training Lahore

Best Social Media Training Lahore

Today's organizations are working on the principle of hiring professionals experienced with social media marketing training in Lahore. This skill is one of the key factors that affect marketing strategies and helps to contribute to the success of your company. Social Media Marketing experts in Lahore help in establishing strong working relationships between client and company.

How social media marketing helps businesses? To get the right answer you have to ask the right question! Internet usage in today's world has increased the influence of social media training Lahore among youth and adults. ITHeight has decided to introduce course of SMM Training in Lahore. This interesting course will develop your own skills and knowledge in generating a large audience. In social media marketing classes, you will learn financially savvy ways of promoting your direct sales business domestically as well as globally. With the help of this training, you could learn the art of promoting your products at Twitter, Facebook Business Manager, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Instagram Business Account and Pinterest. Moreover, web development course in Lahore will help you develop your skills in building an online presence for any company.

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Internet Marketing Course

Significance of Internet Marketing Course in Lahore

Internet Marketing in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad across Pakistan is important for your business but also a potential path of setting company goals and objectives, some of which are as under:

Enhance Brand Awareness

Courses in internet marketing can help you to learn internet marketing through social networking sites. Increase your brand awareness and recognition using social media sites. It is an easy track and trap system through which you get new customers, gaining trust and confidence and retaining the current customers as satisfied ones.

Increase Brand Loyalty

The use of SMM training in Lahore connects the producers with the consumers. The implementation of strategic tools augments brand loyalty by gaining attention activities towards your brand. Social media is a communication tool and if you know how to use it to the best of your knowledge, then you will be expert in marketing industry. According to a recent survey, quick response to customers from the organizations increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction which make them stay longer with your brand.

Improve Better Customer Service

Our social media course in Lahore ensures that the student understands the difference between SMM and SMO. We impart latest techniques to implement Social Media Marketing in Lahore and Social Media Optimization in Pakistan.

Generate Traffic to your Website

Companies are hiring social media managers in Pakistan to generate traffic and sales. Strategies to become profitable for an organization requires talented people with knowledge about internet marketing which is only possible with digital marketing course.

Easy Spread of Words

Social media in the past few years has changed the trend in digital marketing in Pakistan and social media marketing has made this feature quite effortless for the companies. Gone are the days when word of mouth marketing was common, now is the era of Word of MOUSE! SMM trainees having diploma from ITHeight are destined to be great at competition as they are given by secret tips that will help them succeed in real world.

Cut Costs and Increase Revenue

The increased number of Social Media Marketing Training in Pakistan benefits offered at ITHeight definitely holds everything exceptional for our career progression. So, avail the opportunity and become the most demanding one not only in Lahore market, but throughout Pakistan.

The course is designed to prepare the students gain practical knowledge and skills in Digital Marketing covering Social Media Marketing. It is a project based training in Pakistan. We have researched and designed the course to fulfill the digital marketing requirements of companies in Pakistan. Students get hands-on experience with Social Media Marketing. It is a COMPLETE training. After the training perform Social Media Marketing without any further assistance. We cover the course from scratch till it's advanced level covering four most important social media platforms namely Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Youtube Marketing, and Instagram Marketing. Professional life begins in three stages "Learning, Burning and Earning"... First you must learn the skills, then in "Burning" stage you must burn the midnight oil, work hard and gain hands-on experience and eventually reach the stage of "Earning". This will be the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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Social Media Marketing Training Outline

Social Media Marketing Training Outline
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  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Linked in Campaign Manager
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Making a Youtube Channel
  • Youtube Ads Manager
  • Photoshop for Designing Attractive Campaigns
  • Pixel Configuration for Tracking Visitors
  • Lead Generation
  • WhiteBoard Animations for Videos
  • Video Editing
  • Tools of Photoshop for Image Creation & Editing
  • Do and Don’ts of Social Media Campaigns
  • Costing Strategies and Planning
  • Create Engaging Advertisements on Social Media

Who Should Attend
SMM Training

  • Brand Managers
  • IT Students / Experts
  • Marketing Students / Experts / Managers / Directors
  • Management Students / Experts
  • Business Owners

Anyone can take the training but following are the people which Digital Media Training / Social Media Marketing Training helps a lot:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts
  • WordPress Develpers
  • Web Designers and Web Developers
  • Public Relations (PR) Professionals
  • Sales Manager
  • Senior Executives
social media marketing trainer

About the Social Media Marketing Trainer

Shahid Naseer has done Masters in Software Project Management from FAST National University. Shahid is a visiting faculty member in Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT). In ITHeight he has already trained thousands of students in various training sessions. He has attended various corporate trainings and workshops related to Information Technology and management including Project Management, Quality Assurance & Monitoring, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Search Engine Dynamics, Advance Programming Concepts, Design Patterns, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Moreover his books on various IT topics have been published, and some are going to be published this year. He has an extensive teaching experience in various IT institutions like PCBA-PICS (University of Central Punjab).

Shahid Naseer is renowned Digital Marketing Trainer in Pakistan. He teaches many professional courses in Lahore. He has been in field of Software and Website Development since 2001. He started instructing different IT courses in 2000, since then he has taught many students. He established the frameworks of the preparation in 2011. Since then countless learners have got the training.

Shahid Naseer is based in Lahore, the heart of Pakistan. He makes a unique kind of relations of love and affection with all his students. Old students of Shahid Naseer also connect him through Facebook. You can call Shahid Naseer at 0323-4696141 or can connect Shahid Naseer on Facebook.

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Location of ITHeight ( Lahore, Pakistan )

ITHeight offers best digital marketing courses in Pakistan covering Facebook Training, Linkedin Training, Instagram Training, Twitter Training, Pinterest Course. Get Social Media Training in Lahore. ITHeight, 18 J Johar Town Lahore. Call: 0320-4567111. Timings: 1pm - 9PM


Digital Marketing Courses in Pakistan covering Social Media Training in Lahore Pakistan

Digital Marketing course in Pakistan is offered by ITHeight. ITHeight offers 50% OFF on Digital Marketing course Lahore. Generally, Digital Marketing has 5 pillars: Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), Email Marketing and SMS Marketing. Digital Marketing Courses Lahore