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ITHeight offers game development in Pakistan. Get android game development course in Lahore. Best Unity 3D game development in Lahore. Avail iPhone game development training in Islamabad.

In the era of information technology, mobile devices are the future. Whether it’s a mobile game, android game or a playstation, video games are becoming more popular in our life. Creative people's brains work differently, they develop games for providing quality entertainment to the public. Nowadays in Pakistan, people can be seen playing games on mobile or android devices in the leisure time. It has been demonstrated that cultures and societies in a changing world are affected by video and mobile games.

game development in pakistan
android game development course in lahore
Why ITHeight for Game Development?

Android Game Development Course in Lahore
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Increase in popularity of video games and innovation for productivity improvement in hardwares, market value of mobile games has been increased. The scope of game development in Pakistan has led to become a fruitful part of the application industry as it contains almost 70% of all mobile apps, and it’s growth in economy of Pakistan has also increased since the introduction of smart and android phones.

With the advancement in technology, mobile phones have changed people’s lives. Nowadays, pc gaming hardware market growth has been declined due to increase by growth or addition of mobile games. Therefore, in this new era of technology, career in mobile technology has been growing rapidly.

iOS and Android are the major platforms which easily run games on Windows, Linux and Mac. There are different types of games for android such as puzzles related to english, racing, fighting etc. For example, Fortnite game in android, has grown exponentially once it became available on iOS. It is expected to become more popular as soon as it becomes available on android devices. You can also become an expert game developer by participating in Android Game Development Course in Lahore.

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Significance of the Training

Significance of Game Development in Pakistan

Mobile game development has become a successful business these days. In last few years games like Fortnite, Candy Crush Saga and Pokémon Go have been very popular. Fortnite game has helped the business in generating huge revenue more than $15 million. The games are not only addictive for the game lovers, but also generate revenue. These outcomes are not only because businesses have realized the potential of mobile game development, but it is also due to increase in range of mobile game development tools which have added even more contribution.

With advanced technology development, best game development platform is needed to be chosen by game developers. There are multiple game engines accessible online, but among those game engines, only Unity has proven to be effective and the best game engine, having both 2D and 3D capabilities.

With the help of Unity, cross platform games for android and iOs can be created and developed for free. Smartphones and other mobile devices can also get benefit from Unity as it is a user-friendly platform, but it is still strong and extremely powerful for professionals and game developers. Selection of the tools for android game development is also very important. Unity3D provides us the ability to design and develop a game at a professional level. At the same time, the game development in Unity3D are designed in such a way that it is easily comprehensible by beginners with no programming background.

Among other game engines, Unity 3D has game creator interface, and a cross platform through which a developer can publish game on android, iOS, Windows, desktop, and mobile. Nowadays, game development in unity have easier and faster. All designers need to be an expert in plotting the story, and Unity 3D will do the rest. ITHeight has recently introduced Unity3d course in Lahore. In Unity 3D game development in Lahore, student will learn how to install, set up the program, and create a professional level game.

unity 3d game development in lahore
Android Game Development Course in Lahore
Game Development Training in Urdu

Best Training Institute for
Game Development Training in Urdu

At ITHeight Game Development Training in Urdu will be covered from basic to advanced level. In Game Development Training, we cover understanding of Unity Engine, Unity Tool Kit, animation, coloring, designing, lighting etc. empowering our students to become a professional game designer and developer.

iPhone Game Development Training

iPhone Game Development Training in Islamabad

A game engine is a software designed to perform specialized task to create video games. Few game engines allow rendering either 2D or 3D shapes by importing files in a software. Unity is primarily a 3D based development tool and popular programming languages are used in game development to fulfill the requirements of game. Other function of game engine is the capability to write working software. All the functionalities are being done with the help of programming languages such as C# and Javascript. Unity 3D utilizes C# language to write software to run a game. Javascript is a programming language which is very common because the internet and the progress of HTML have made it able to support tablets and mobile devices. Unity3d game engine provides functional tools to create animated infographics, characters and objects which your code can interact with. In professional game development training in Islamabad, ITHeight covers both C# and Javascript languages for the development of game.

Game development for devices such as iPhone and iPad requires a different approach than desktop games. iOS game development is completely different from desktop games in terms of video cards. Therefore, the built-in features available in Unity for iOs is also different from desktop games. ITHeight is the training centre that offers quality iOS game development training in Multan which helps people to become a skilled iOS game developer.

iphone game development training in islamabad

Who Should Attend
Game Development Training

Anyone can take the training like:
Unity is an incredible 3D engine used for making games, quick application prototypes, architectural models, medical imaging & more. We make learning to code easy and fun by leading you step-by-step through the process of creating exciting games. Individuals will be awarded with certificates at the end of Training

  • IT Students
  • IT Professionals
  • Freelancers
  • Owners of Startup Companies
  • Unity Game Development Beginners
  • Android Developers
  • iPhone Developers
  • Web Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO Experts
  • Software Developers
  • Network Engineers
  • UI & UX Experts
  • Testers and Quality Control Personnels
Abstract Training Roadmap

General Course Content
Cost: 6,500/-

  • Introduction of Game Development with Unity
  • Scripting Techniques
  • State Machines and Controllers
  • Building Classical Block Breaker - 2D
  • Building Laser Defender - 2D:
  • Parallax Backgrounds
  • Building and Controlling a Spaceship
  • Weapons and Add-ons as Attachments
  • Enemy Spawning with Level Design
  • Controlling Collisions with Layers
  • Score Keeping
  • Particle Systems
  • Working with Animation Controller

Provide professional training to Developers who wish to pursue Professional Game Developer as career. This course will make you familiar with Unity IDE, and you get to learn techniques and coding practices by seasoned Game Developers.

  • Building our Zombie Runner - 3D
  • Introduction to 3D environment
  • Creating a Terrain with Trees, Water and Hills
  • First person Character Controller
  • Working with Cameras and Lights, Sounds
  • Rigged and Mecanim animations
  • Introduction to Multiplayer Games
  • Understanding Social Games
  • Passive Multiplayer, Real-time Multiplayer
  • Introduction to Photon Unity Network
  • Requirement Gathering for Game Development
  • Monetizing your Game
Your Trainer

About Game Design and Development Trainer

Harris Khurram is a Principal Software Engineer and Solutions Architect at Caramel Tech Studios. He has 10 years of experience in Social Game Development on Mobile and Web Platform. He has done BS Computer Science from NUCES-FAST. Harris has worked as Senior Software Engineer at GameView Studios LLC., Mobile Project Lead Appimize Studios, Server Engineer DeNA Tokyo.

Wajiha Hussain is a Technical Project Manager at Peepal having 7 years of experience in Mobile Game Development. She is founder of Tiny Peepal and Co-Founder of Peepal. Wajiha has done BS Computer Science from NUCES-FAST. She has worked as Senior Software Engineer at GameView Studios LLC.

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